Useful Information

Property Tax - changes for foreign residents

A brief guide to the changes in property tax which have come into force in the last few years.​

Purchasing property in Israel

Unlike other countries which may have a standard procedure for buying property, in Israel almost everything is up for negotiation. See our guide for an overview of how the process works​

The costs of purchasing property in Israel​

See our general guide to the costs associated with buying property in Israel.​

Selling property in Israel

Our factsheet provides a general introduction to selling your property in Israel.​

Why make a will?

If you don’t have a will for your property in Israel, there are many reasons you should consider making one.​

What to include in your will

To assist you in starting the process, we have complied a helpful list of points to consider.​

Apostille Legalisation

A brief introduction to the process which allows you to use documents issued in one country in a different jurisdiction.​

How to register a company in Israel

An overview of the incorporation process in Israel.​

The costs of selling property in Israel​

See our general guide to the costs associated with selling property in Israel​

Property registration in Israel


How to check if your property in Israel is registered in your name.


Gifting Residential Property in Israel


Tax implications of gifting property in Israel to family member​.